What is Social Media Marketing? Part 2: Where Do We Start?

What is Social Media Marketing? That’s the starting point of one of the presentations I deliver. After the ice breakers and a joke or two I ask the audience: “What is Social Media?” … “Anyone?” … “Somebody give me your definition; what is Social Media?” That sounds like a pretty basic question but the answer I’m looking for isn’t. I… Read more →


“We need to create a Facebook Page for our business!” Why? “Pinterest is hot right now. We need to be on Pinterest.” Why? “I heard that Snapchat is going to be huge for businesses in 2014. We need to figure out how to use Snapchat.” Why?   Why, why, why, why, why?   Maybe your company does need a Facebook… Read more →

How Do You Develop A Social Media Strategy?

Do you have a Social Media Strategy? How did you develop it? Is it aligned with your overall business objectives?   A little while back I was listening to the Social Pros Podcast. If you’re not familiar with it and your job description includes Social Media here are three reasons you need to check it out:   Jay Baer is one of… Read more →

Is Social Media Marketing ‘Worth It’?

“Is Social Media Marketing ‘Worth It’?” It’s a question that I hear over and over from business people of all stripes. As I was preparing for a recent speaking engagement, I came across this video where Seth Godin responds to that very question. Do you know Seth Godin? He’s a well-known marketing guy, a thought leader and a best-selling author. If you… Read more →

What is Social Media Marketing? Part 1

What is Social Media Marketing? What do you think when you hear the phrase Social Media? Do you think about friends checking in on Facebook from their favorite restaurant or posting photos of their desert on Instagram or collecting crock pot pulled pork recipes on Pinterest? Do you think about viral flashmob videos on YouTube or checking in at Starbucks… Read more →